The World First Temple (Gobekli tepe), 2010, 80 min (52 min), HD, Turkey, Egypt, India
Directed by Ahmet Turgut Yazman

12,000 years ago there already was a sacred place on Earth.

The World's First Temple was selected in many festivals, such as IRAN CINE VERITE,

"The Next What the bleep do we know".

With a back story that examines widespread beliefs, the film takes the viewer back 12,000 years from today, to Göbekli tepe, 15 km off from the southeastern Turkish town of Sanliurfa. The site houses the oldest known temple dated thousands of years earlier than the antiquity wisdom, the English Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids. What forced the neolitic men to create such a complex sanctuary? Which tools did they use during the construction? The film, instead of providing conclusive replies to these questions, leaves them to the imagination of the viewer by depicting the findings at the site and historical facts. —IKSV

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