"The Maiden Danced to Death" ,

Canada-Hungary-Slovenia Co-production, 2010, 107 min, Musical Drama, Directed by Endre Hules, Cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmond A.S.C., and the Budapest Dance Ensemble.

Starring Deborah Kara Unger (Silent Hill, The Game), Gil Belows (Weatherman, Shawshank Redemption), Steven McHattie (2012, 300, The Fountain), Endre Hules (Angels and Demons, Zoolander, Apollo 13), and Zsolt Laszlo.



In post-Communist Hungary, two brothers meeting up after 20 years apart.


Steve, a dancer-turned-empresario, returns from Canada to his native Hungary after 20 years.

He finds that the Communist regime that expelled him is gone, but his brother, Gyula, hasn't changed.
He still works with the same cash-strapped dance company they started together, and is married to Steve's former sweetheart, Mari.
The two men's rivalry is triggered instantly, but Mari challenges them to revive their last success together, a dance on the ballad "The Maiden Danced to Death". If Gyula can meet Steve's exacting standards, Steve will promote a world tour, breathing new life into the sagging careers of both brothers.
The film seamlessly combines dramatic scenes with dance and music, allowing the dance to reveal long-held secrets and emotions where words could never.

The "Maiden Danced" is a reckoning of old shadows and an examination of love and politics in old and new Europe.

John DeWitte of the Chicago Examiner wrote,
"Hules [has] put some real rigor and smarts into the project, and he knows what to do...",
Filmforum Bremen proclaimed the film a “stunningly filmed masterpiece” while Simone Kieran of Calgary Film described a “Csàrdàs of revenge… Fresh… evocative and beautifully filmed."
The film is “a superb work of art” according to Kultura Kinobar, while Fest 21 noted “Atmospherically dense cinema… a remarkable feature” and Penna Magazin called it “a precious work of art.”

Cineuropa compared the film to a “new Hungarian take on the Caine and Abel story

Nordwest Zeitung writes “Endre Hules tells a heart wrenching tale about passion, convictions and lost love”.

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21 festivals in 15 countries and counting

Offical Selection 2012, Pune, India

Official Selection 2012, Zoom, Poland

Offical Selection 2012, Frantasporto, Portugal

Offical Selection 2012, Fantaspoa, Porto Allegre, Brazil

Official Selection 2012, Cleveland Int'l

Offical Selection 2012, Vilniua, Lithuania

Offical Selection 2012, Hungarian Film Fest, Kiev, Ukraine

US Premiere 2012, E.U film festival, Chicago,

India Int'l Film Festival Goa, India

Offical Premiere in Canada 2011
Ottawa-Empire World Exchange

Seoul Christianity Film Festival, South Korea

Theatrical Premiere in Slovenia

Theatrical in Canada
Halifax-Empire Bayer's Lake

European Union Film Festival
Vancouver-Pacific Cinémathèque

Marosvuasarhely Film Festival
Targu Mures, Romania

Theatrical Premiere in Hungary, Budapest

Seville European Film Festival, Spain

Kolkata Int'l Film Festival, (Calcutta), India

Official Selection 2011 Calgary Film festival, Canada

A Canada-Hungary Slovenian co-production

Quiet Revolution Pictures (Canada)
Cinema Film (Hungary)
Casa Blanca Film (Slovenia)

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