Talking to the Trees

Drama 2013
92 minutes - HD

A middle-class Parisian woman embarks on a quest to rescue the child her husband has abused from a Cambodian brothel and return her to her family in the Jungle.

Mia (Ilaria Borelli) a beautiful and successful Paris based photographer, bored by her bourgeois existence, flies out to Cambodia to surprise her timber trader husband Xavier (Philippe Caroit) in order for them to create the baby she longs for.

But her hopes for a romantic welcome are dashed when she spies her husband in a brothel having sex with an eleven year old, Srey. Mia, her world turned upside down, resolves to rescue Srey and return her to the remote village from where she was abducted. Mia strikes a repulsive bargain with Sanan the brothel owner and sacrifices her own body to a high-powered government official to liberate the little girl and she and Srey embark on their long journey home.

*Best Film, Women’s International Film Festival Miami 2013
*Best Film, Los Angeles Women’s International Film Festival 2013
* Madrid IFF Official Selection 2013

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