Getting your film in front of the right people, both domestically and internationally: that’s a producer reps’s job in a nutshell.

ID represents a range of independent producers in film TV and interactive media for domestic and international sales worldwide.

Getting your films screened at markets, and setting meetings where buyers can take a look at your offering, this is what we excel at.

Naturally we also support you by making sure your marketing materials are up to snuff, before you get to market.  This critical preparation is perhaps the most often overlooked stage in the process: buyers need to see you put your best foot forward, and we are there to help you do just that.

One often overlooked tool in your market preparation is your DVD key art. Of course you can rely on your buyers to figure this out for you in their respective markets, but if you show them you ‘understand’ their needs by giving them a solid first draft, a taste of how the product might look on the shelf to their customers, this will get their attention as they immediately identify this as fitting into a certain marketing standard, which translates into  quicker response by buyers in general.  Our experience tells us buyers just love when distributors or producer reps have already helped define the correct ‘market fit’ in the trade marketing package.
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