"One Alcoholic To Another"
Documentary 2011, USA, 40 and 52 min.

To outsiders, Alcoholics Anonymous is often considered a cult. Eleanor Lanahan and Orly Yadin, two filmmakers of diverse perspectives, demystify an organization that has helped millions to achieve sobriety. They embark on a rollicking road trip, exploring the Vermont childhoods of AA's pioneers, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. Humorous archival footage, informative interviews and lively arguments combine to examine centuries of religious movements and laws that repeatedly failed to curtail drinking.

The heart of the film is its unique access to the testimony of AA members, their identities masked by hand-drawn animation. They openly discuss their experiences, and through their shared stories we glimpse the inner workings of an organization rarely depicted on film.

Alcoholics Anonymous has been in existence for over 75 years. The film traces the organization's roots in the Oxford Group and provides insight into the way it works today.

One Alcoholic To Another not only is a testament to those who founded the organization, but the millions who have successfully passed through its halls around the world to overcome alcohol abuse. There are many hundreds, even thousands of chapters of AA in all western countries. This film has a built-in market in just about any country.

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One Alcoholic to Another

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