NICOLAS CARONE - Pushing Tradition
58 minutes/4:3 Camera & edit by Bill Page Produced by Bill Page Productions

In the 1940’s & 50’s, NICOLAS CARONE then in his twenties was among the artists associated with the art period Abstract Expressionism (Pollock, De Kooning, Kline, Passlof) . This was an important worldwide art period, affecting all artists that followed.

Sixty years later, Carone continues making his art and having major exhibtions. Filmed in New York City and Umbria, Italy, where he has studios, Carone is still the energetic artist with a passion for life and making art. Noted art critics talk about Carone and there is amble background footage to show how his work developed over the decades.

He speaks about being an artist, the thinking needed to be creative, why art is important to all our lives. He is a man driven by the creative spirit finding beauty and meaning in everything. Footage includes working on wax sculptures, drawing and of his New York exhibitions.

This documentary adds to the appreciation to our worldwide heritage and has appeal to all audiences.

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