"Message to the seven churches" Documentary, USA 2010

Just what do we really know about the book called Appocalypse?

Just what do we really know about John's book of Revelation or Appocalypse, one of the most iconic pieces of modern western culture. From the four horsemen of the Appocalypse, to the battle of Armeggedon, the messages are sometimes hard to fully understand.

"Message for the Seven Churches" Produced by Vision Media Productions

There are in fact many overlooked messages in John’s writings. What were the early followers of Jesus supposed to understand from the series of letters that open the book? Could they have any meaning for today?

Go on location to the picturesque Greek island of Patmos. Visit Western Turkey and see the ancient cities of the seven churches addressed in Revelation. Along the way, your host, Dr. David Hulme, will explore this much misunderstood book and its original time and place.

The book of Revelation paints a detailed picture of a time of unparalleled destruction and catastrophe coming upon the earth. Its terrifying images have haunted every generation in western society for almost two thousand years. But Revelation also contains a powerful message of hope. It is well known that the story ends with worldwide peace, as ultimate good conquers ultimate evil and a new age of global peace and prosperity begins. And for the time between now and then, John’s words offer hope and invaluable insight. Within his letters to the seven churches the way to peace of mind in an uncertain and fearful age is laid out. Here is the source of strength and encouragement to overcome the greatest of all challenges.

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