"Lovers in a Dangerous Time" , “An undeniably lovely film: natural, gorgeously shot, haunting funny and practically oozing with Canadiana!” -- Eric Volmer, Calgary Herald

"Finally a date night movie EVERYONE on the date can enjoy! ...It has a rekindling love affair for the ladies and enough hockey references to make even Don Cherry blush...Love, hockey, beer, houseboat parties; need I say more? When it comes to Canadian cinema, this one's a gem”
- ERIN F, Calgary International Film Festival “This film tears away little pieces of your heart

It's an award-winning comedy about youthful regrets, a love story without consummation, a return to a home that was never forgotten. A story where boy meets girl, only they have known each other since they were two. It's a romance, Canadian style.
Childhood friends Todd and Allison are reunited at their high school reunion after their lives have gone in widely different directions. Ten years after graduation, Todd remains a local could-have-been, while Allison illustrates childrens books and wonders what might-have-been if she had stayed in her hometown. Fueled by hope, longing, and nostalgia, they embark on a romantic, if illusory, adventure to recapture lost love and happiness.

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-Winner Audience Award Calgary International Film Festival 2009

-Winner Best Feature Film Port Townsend Film Festival 2009

-Best Canadian Feature Film Okanagan International Film Festival 2009

-Winner Maverick Award The Method Fest 2009

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