Last Safari

Documentary 2013

The Last Safari follows the story of a photojournalist's quest for meaning through the unforgiving landscape of remote Kenya as she sets out in search of the tribes-people she documented a decade earlier, dodging everything from bullets and floods, to heat strokes along the way.

Elizabeth L. Gilbert began her career as a war photographer in the 1990’s, covering some of the most tragic events in human history such as the Rwandan genocide and civil war in Somalia. After years of conflict, a disillusioned Gilbert set out to point her cameras at the disappearing vestiges of traditional Africa. She succeeded at capturing some of the very last photographs of a vanishing world.

One decade and two books later, Gilbert has assembled an unlikely team of safari first-timers to accompany her return as she brings them her books and presents cinema slide shows to the most remote villages in Kenya. For most audiences, this will be the first time to see a cinema projection as well as photographs of themselves and their sacred ceremonies. Together, she and the crew learn some hard lessons about a rapidly changing Africa.

Says Director Matt Goldman, “This film is part history, part love letter; not only to the subjects in the movie, but to a time on this earth that has long since passed. If we are ever to learn of our true place in the universe, we will look upon the vanished tribes of remote Africa as an indication of a paradise lost, never to be found again.”

•Winner- Best Cinematography, DocUtah, 2013
•Official Selection- Hamptons International Film Festival, 2013
•Official Selection- Bahamas International Film Festival, 2013
•Official Selection- Tucson Music and Film Festival, 2013
•Official Selection- Film Africa, 2013
•Official Selection- Richmond International Film Festival, 2014
•Official Selection- The Thin Line Film Festival, 2014
•Official Selection- Charleston International Film Festival, 2014
•Official Selection- Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival, 2014

Press Quotes:


“For anyone who has ever faced a difficult moment, or grappled with a decision in the blink of an eye, The Last Safari is a must-watch."


"The doc offers quandaries both ethical and practical while making use of Gilbert's artful images and the stunning terrain; the film should be well regarded at fests and could stoke discussions in a variety of classroom settings."


"If 'The Last Safari' was a mere montage of Gilbert’s photography coupled with Goldman’s cinematography, it’d still be well worth watching. But it’s more than that... We’re fortunate to have glimpsed such a bewildering, bewitching episode of history before it’s finally extinguished by the slow march of time, and we can thank Goldman and Gilbert for bringing it to us with such integrity and skill.”


"You MUST see The Last Safari on as big a screen as possible ...As spectacle and a showcase for amazing images this film is as good as it gets. Seeing Gilbert's photos larger than life is awesome in the truest sense of the word. Equally awesome are the shots of the people and places that they encounter. The Massai ceremonies are somewhere beyond words. If you can see this on a big screen do so, trust me on this your eyes will thank you.”


“The culture and traditions of the Great Rift Valley are eroding before our eyes, and Goldman captures this fleeting beauty with acuity surpassed only by Gilbert’s own photographs, which are sprinkled throughout the film.”


"The Last Safari never overstays its welcome. Goldman understandably emphasizes the elements of adventure and cross-cultural fellowship, but the documentary is still rather more challenging than one would expect. Propelled by an energetic soundtrack, The Last Safari is recommended for viewers interested in African culture and the wider ethnographic issues at play."

Last Safari Documentary

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Last Safari Documentary

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