LARRY POONS & MICHAEL GOLDBERG - 21st century Master Artists
57:00/4:3/color & b/w Camera & edit by Bill Page Produced by Bill Page Productions

While Abstract Expressionism (1945-1960) was an important art period, artists who were part of it (Goldberg) or influenced by it (Poons) continued to push into newer styles and ideas. This documentary features two of these artists, each world acclaimed for their different ways of painting.

Larry Poons is filmed in his New York country studio and the installation of a major New York exhibition. Interviews and a presentation by Poons discussing the nature of his art and what he considers important to being creative person offers a rare look into the creative process of Poons. Background information is given by one of his art dealers.

Michale Goldberg begins a painting from a blank canvas and the progression is followed in this documentary, seeing this Master Artist working. He talks about his early art development with the ways his ideas go beyond his predecessors. This film was shot in his New York City studio, a gallery installation and art opening.

This documentary has a wide appeal to all audiences, informative to everyone regardless of their art knowledge.

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