Documentary sales agent

ID Communications operates as a documentary sales agent for festival grade and blue chip documentaries for worldwide sales. Our presence at about a dozen markets and festivals each year ensures the films we represent, are seen by the most active buyers in the marketplace. Our ongoing relationships with broadcasters and distributors on every continent, means each film gets seen by many decision makers is the quickest possible time frame.

Now that being said, it takes time to sell a film properly. Buyers take months to lock in their decisions on many films and still more will come back to us one and event two years after initially looking at a film, to make an offer. A documentary sales agent does not guarantee your film will be purchased, but he should guarantee the marketplace sees the film and is in a position to consider it, across all appropriate channels.

A good documentary sales agent will also know what buyers and looking for, and be in a position to recommend your film, if appropriate, to the most likely candidates.

At ID Communications we bring a unique twist to the traditional “documentary sales agent” role. We are active in niche marketing, online PR, and digital distribution. It is key for filmmakers in our view to understand the critical importance of the niche market which may be the core audience for their film. We make it our job, to try and harness this audience, so if your film has some success to its core, that we are positioned strategically to harvest this audience, both on DVD and on VOD.

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