ID Communications is a documentary distribution company focused on international sales worldwide. Documentary distribution has changed quite a bit in recent years, most notably with regards to online sales opportunities and video on demand. Further, the plethora of new channels worldwide has opened new opportunities for documentary distribution into new markets, beyond network tv.

We specialize in theatrical, TV, DVD and VOD documentary distribution in both North American and worldwide. Our catalogue of films is specialized, targeted at niche markets which go beyond traditional television sales opportunities. Besides sales to major channels and distribution companies worldwide, we operate a proprietary DVD and Video on Demand label for our titles, This unique two-tiered approach allows us to bring the full breath of internet search to the films sales opportunities. Online search along with social media, is becoming an increasingly important of a film’s monetization strategy.

Our role, as we understand it, is to bring a film to market. As the markets are expanding, we feel it is our role to learn to harness these, and build parallel sales opportunities.

Additionally we utilise a combination of proprietary PR and digital marketing tools which allow us to communicate with over 500,000 Journalists from around the world, giving us instant access to targeted visibility for our films.

Take a look at our documentary distribution line-up. If you are looking for international documentary representation, documentary distribution, you can contact us here.


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Dan Shannon

ID Communications team