"Cheating god out of christianity" Documentary, USA 2010
Have Christians cheated God out of Christianity ?

Nineteenth-century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote that "millions of people through the centuries have little by little cheated God out of Christianity".
What did he mean? Was Christianity removed from the foundation laid by its founder.

"Cheating God out of Christianity" Produced by Vision Media Productions

The story of Jesus and His early followers is clouded in misunderstanding. It’s a story often told, but rarely as the Bible tells it. Cheating God Out of Christianity exposes the misconceptions and myths surrounding Jesus’ life and teachings.
Journey to Bethlehem, the city where it all began. En route, visit Jerusalem, the city holy to three of the world’s great religions. See many other fascinating sites where the first apostles lived and worked. David Hulme is a Middle East scholar and the publisher of Vision–Journal for a New World. He was a host of The World Tomorrow, one of the most watched social and religious programs of the 1980s. You’ll enjoy his insightful analysis of familiar first-century events – events that can be better understood by seeing them in their cultural, historical and geographical settings.

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Cheating god out of christianity

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