Boxing With Her

Latifa Robbana Doghri, Salem Trabelsi / Feature Documentary / Tunisia / 2011 / 52 min / Colour / HDCAM - 80 & 52 min. HD
This revealing documentary explores the world of female boxing in Tunisia, a society where the body of a woman is considered a sacred place for procreation. Through interviews with women boxers, the film asks why a female body in the pugilistic arena is so confronting, even taboo, in Arab society.

The most common boxers in Tunisia are between 17 and 30 years old and are single. In this documentary they testify as spontaneous, sensitive but sometimes bitter and hardened women. They speak about their relationship with men, with society and with this sport which requires an exemplary rigor. They perform and open up their hearts to deliver their hopes and their disappointments without taboos.... This girls are also the symbol of another struggle... The struggle against mindsets !

These female pioneers of boxing also testify to the way in which they penetrated a world invested by men with a very hard and tough character. They explain how boxing against men changed their relationship with manhood. Our camera will follow them in their daily lives and even in the factories where they work , to highlight the metamorphosis of the female body between a boxing ring and a much stigmatized social reality.

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