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European Film Market 2012
"The Maiden Danced to Death", Canada-Hungary-Slovenia Co-production, 2010, Drama, Directed by Endre Hules, Cinematography by Vilmos Zsigmond, and the Budapest Dance Ensemble. Steve (Endres Hules) a dancer turned impressario returns from Canada to his native Hungary after 20 years. Communism is over, but the family-run dance company brings Steve into contact with old flames and new challenges in this dance-driven drama expertly shot with cinematographer Vilmos Zigmond (The Deer Hunter, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Deliverance) Starring: Deborah Kara Unger (Silent Hill, The Game) Stephen McHattie (2012, 300, The Fountain) Endre Hules (Angels and Demons, Zoolander, Apollo 13) Gil Bellows (Weather Man, The Shawshank Redemption) CLICK TO SEE "THE MAIDEN DANCED" FILM PRE-TRAILER CLIP

Lovers in a Dangerous Time movie Lovers in a Dangerous Time Canada 2009

“An undeniably lovely film: natural, gorgeously shot, haunting funny and practically oozing with Canadiana!” — Eric Volmer, Calgary Herald

It’s an award-winning comedy about youthful regrets, a love story without consummation, a return to a home that was never forgotten. A story where boy meets girl, only they have known each other since they were two. It’s a romance, Canadian style.
Childhood friends Todd and Allison are reunited at their high school reunion after their lives have gone in widely different directions. Ten years after graduation, Todd remains a local could-have-been, while Allison illustrates childrens books and wonders what might-have-been if she had stayed in her hometown. Fueled by hope, longing, and nostalgia, they embark on a romantic, if illusory, adventure to recapture lost love and happiness.


European Film Market 2012 American Sunset , Canada, 2010, 90 min. Thriller

The Last completed movie with Corey Haim

“Your wife, a call from a kidnapper, 6 clues, 24hrs to find her.
Tom (Corey Haim) awakens to find his wife missing. Their vacation home, now a crime scene, is littered with clues. Amidst the chaose of the investigation, Tom’s phone rings and a mysterious voice asks: “Wanna play a game?”
Tom, an and an ex-war hero Arturo currently presenting himself as a quasi P.I. (Frank Molina) team up to begin a treasure hunt set in motion by his wife’s captor.Each right answer brings them closer to rescuing Samantha (Angelina Cullins) before it’s too late…but for Tom and the viewer, on this roller coaster ride, nothing is as it really seems…
“Wanna play the game?”


European Film Market 2012 Victory Day, USA 2009 -Official Selection Moscow Film Festival 2010-Winner Action on Film Fest,

“…steeped in intrigue and sabotage”

Sam Cassels (Sean Ramsay), a fireband journalist with a short fuse, has just been expelled from Russia, the adopted homeland he loves, for ‘punching out’ the minister of finance at a press conference.
Retrenching in Prague, Cassels soons finds that his troubles are only just beginning. While photographing a street prostitute (Natalie Shiyanova) while working on a news story, whom he befriends, he discovers that a Russian Oligarch (Milan Kolik), a man clearly guilty for the wars and economic ruin in his country, is unbelievably close at hand. Raging for retribution, Sam sets out to expose the kingpin, with the help of the prostitute.


European Film Market 2012 “Gunslinger (aka Ecstasy of Gold)” , USA, 90 min. HD
Gunslingers/Ecstasy of Gold is a sharp shooting, gun slinging, stylized western exploring the sometimes hilarious intersection of lust, greed and money.

Butch (John Elliot) is a bounty hunter who just wants to get paid an honest amount for an honest day’s work; his chattel, morally corrupt Rattler Fenton just wants to cash in on his well hidden and – to hear him tell it – hard won gold. As Butch navigates an increasingly magical West in search of payment he is joined by a quirky band of outcasts and outlaws –including beautiful, ferocious Akemi (Narisa Suzuki) – and terrorized by the entirely evil but not entirely human Mondego gang. Good and Evil collide, as both heroes and villains alike are enthralled by the Ecstasy of Gold


European Film Market 2012 Through The Glass, USA, 2010, 86 min. Romantic Comedy starring Stephanie Okereke

No 1 Box Office Film Theatrical release in Nigeria Fall 2009, with 10M Naira

Jeffrey [Garret Mckechnie] lives the ultimate bachelor’s life going through numerous non-committed relationships, but struggles to excel at work and gain his father’s love and acceptance. Jeffrey’s life gets even more intriguing when life deals him a card that stops him in his tracks. On a typical day, he returns from work to find a note “take care of your responsibility” left on top of a baby who is abandoned on his doorstep. In nothing short of what is scary, confusing and comedic, he turns to his Nigerian neighbor, Ada [Stephanie Okereke] who he has a secret crush on, to help him. What happens to the baby? Will Jeffrey break through the glass of his phobia for commitment and keep the baby? Will Jeffrey confess his secret crush on Ada?


European Film Market 2012 The Italian Writer: USA 2010 Starring: Lucia Moniz, (Love Actually, Second Life) and Diogo Morgado (upcoming role of Joseph in 2011 release of “Mary Mother of Christ” with Al Pacino)

A charming couple meet by accident in a Lisbon train station. They immediately connect. But each harbors a deep secret that may stand in the way of their exploding attraction. A postcard of Lisbon, with a handsome cast and an excellent soundtrack, this film features two breakout actors full of Latin flavor, in English.


European Film Market 2012 The Storm ,Canada, 2009, 84 min. Apocalyptic Thriller

  • “In the ongoing debate about end times prophesies, one fact is seldom discussed…The End…some people will have to live through it…”
  • An effects-laden ride into the last day…or is it?
  • Perfect for Halloween release



European Film Market 2012 “Red Shirley” documentary 28 min.

-Sundance 2011

Red Shirley, a 99-year-old formally known as Shumalit Rabinowitz, is the star of this film co-directed by her cousin, none other than former Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed. Rabinowitz lived through the devastation of the First World war; and fled Poland for Canada during the Second. At 19, she immigrated illegally to the U.S where she spent 47 years toiling at a New York textile factory. She tracked down her long-lost sisters in Palestine, engaged in union struggles and took part un the Civik Rights March on Washington D.C. Enhanced by its dark soundtrack – courtesy of Mr Reed, naturally – and judicious use of freeze frames, this intimate cousin-to cousin encounter is a fascinating distrillation of an individual’s unique experience over a vast expanse of 20th-century history.


European Film Market 2012 Illegal Squaters. Anarchist Radicals. Devout christians.

“Our House” documentary 58 min.

-Official Selection Hot Doc 2010

On Dan Taylor’s first day out of prison he had nowhere to go, and faced one of the most important choices of his life : to return to his past of drug addiction or to try for something better. Through a chance encounter the next day, he met Derek, a young Christian anarchist, who invited him to move into a new and very unusual comunity in Brooklyn. Called “Our House”, it was an alternative to the impersonal shelter system, providing the homeless a safe place where everyone lived communally (and illegally) in an abandoned Williamsburg warehouse. Besides a roof and healthy food, Dan also found new friends, a spiritual heaven in a makeshift ‘prayer tentand the hope of putting his life back together. But when the building is set for demolition to make way for luxury condos, Dan and the other residents must confront the invevitable end of their community and what that will mean for they futures.


European Film Market 2012 “EGGSPLOITATION” documentary 40 min.

-Nominated for Best Documentary in the California Independant Film Festival 2011

The infertility industry in the United States has grown to a multi-billion dollar business. What is tis main commodity? Human eggs. Young women all over the world are solicited by ads – via college campus bulletin boards, social media, online classifieds – offering up to $100,000 for their “donated” eggs, to “help make someone’s dream come true.” But who is this egg donor? Is she treated justly? What are the short and long-term risks to their health? The answers to these questions will disturb you…


European Film Market 2012 “Blown” documentary 48 min.

-Official Selection, Lausanne Energy Film Festival 2010

In 2016, 154 Wind Turbines, each 145 meters high, will shape the Shetlands Islands landscape. Many private companies are developing huge scale renewable energy projects. But the majority of Shetlanders are stricly against a wind farm that they consider dangerous for the Shetland ecosystem.


European Film Market 2012 The Hidden Face of Suicide, Canada 2010, 58 min

-Official Selection Montreal World Film Festival 2010

-Winner Best Documentary Under 60 min, Heart of England Film Festival 2010-09-05

In The Hidden Face of Suicide, filmmaker Yehudit Silverman enters the world of the survivors, those who have lost loved ones to suicide, and reveals their remarkable stories…

“The Hidden Face of Suicide”, Directed by Yehudit Silverman.

Many people have lost someone to suicide yet no one talks about it. it is simply taboo.
This film finds a unique way to break this silence, by blending the director’s personal family story of secrets and silence with the stories of others touched by suicide, as well as the use of masks to uncover the hidden face of suicide. The film weaves the personal, the universal and art into a story of hope and inspiration.


European Film Market 2012 “Yours Truly Miss Chinatown”, USA,documentary 52 min.

-Official Selection New York City International Film Festival 2010

-Official Selection Inner City Los Angeles Film Festival 2010

Every year, two dozen women compete for the crown of Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, one of the oldest and best known ethnic pageants in the world.
“Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown” uncovers the intimate stories of three young women who vie for the title Miss Los Angeles Chinatown, while struggling to navigate two cultures with conflicting values. The crown is a link to the past, while their lives are a sign of the times. As the spectacle unfolds onstage, so does the drama of their lives – there are no pat beauty pageant answers to real life struggles with love, family, culture, and life as a modern woman.


European Film Market 2012 Journey to Sundance 2009
87min and 52min, documentary
With: Vin Diesel, Jennifer Aniston, Chaz Palminteri, John Malkovich, Javier Bardem, Jake Gyllenhaal, Salma Hayek and many more celebritie

Desperate filmmakers embark on a five-year journey to search for answers to the one true question in filmmaking; what is ‘independent film’ and when does it stop being independent and start being something else?

They travel to ‘sundance’ to find the answers to their question.

‘JOURNEY TO SUNDANCE’ examines, in a real-life and often emotional narrative, the crushing reality of the fierce competition of the motion picture industry, and the plight of many young directors.


European Film Market 2012 Life for a Child 2008, USA 30 min

An award winning documentary dealing with Type 1 diabetes

(Nov 14 is official International Diabetes Day worldwide)

-Winner Cinequest FIlm Festival 2009, Official Selection Festival de Nouveau Cinema 2009, -Official Selection Tribeca Film Festival 2008, Official Selection Vienna Film Festival 2008, -Official Selection Heartland Film Fest 2008, Official Selection Festival de Nouveau Cinema 2009,-Official Selection Indiana Film Festival 2009

Directors statement, Ed Lachman (Oscar nominated DP of Erin Brochovich, Virgin Suicides, Far From Heaven, The Fountain)

All films are journeys but this film took me to Nepal, to film three stories about juvenile diabtetes. The lives of the families dealing with this problem are extremely challenging, but to be impoverished and living in a developing country with this disease is even more daunting. Diabetes is emerging as one of the most serious health problems of our time; a global epidemic with devastating human, social, and economic consequences. An alarming fact is that the disease claims as many lives per year as HIV/AIDS. While making the film I realized that diabetes touches everyone – either through family or someone we know. I was humbled by these families’ and children’s great strength and courage in overcoming their obstacles in dealing with diabetes.


European Film Market 2012 Lines That Divide USA, 52 min. -Official Selection California Independent Film Festival 2010

Stem cell technology: Miracle cure or biological colonialism?

This film provides two completely different points of view in heated debate:
Supporters argue it is our moral duty to pursue scientific progress that provides healing and hope for humanity. Detractors argue the ends do not justify the means in harvesting some human life to save others.
The question might just come down to “who do you entrust with the power to re-invent mankind?”


First, the viewer is introduced to the basic science of stem cells and how they are gathered for medical use. Embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells are both explained along with their similarities, differences and methods of procurement. Scientific issues are examined, such as the benefits, drawbacks, and scientific and medical results of both.

The documentary also introduces the moral issues being argued in the public square – issues of human life and the medical utilization of embryos, as well as women’s health issues that arise from the procurement of eggs used in much of the research. Scientists, doctors and ethicists on both sides weigh in with their views.


European Film Market 2012 American Savannah/La Savane Américaine 74 and 52 minutes, English and French versions HD”

The First humorous film about the environment, “American Savannah” takes a playful yet probing look into America’s fascination with green lawns, and why it is we love them so much…From the gardens of Louis XIV to the deserts of Las Vegas, you will never see grass the same way again!

-Special Jury Prize, International Documentary Forum Montreal, 2008

-Official Selection Rendez-vous du Cinéma du Québec, February 2009


European Film Market 2012 Cracked Not Broken Canada, 52 min. (available USA and Canada only)

As seen on HBO and Oprah, and in many countries worldwide, to over 100 million viewers. The story of a young lady who became a crack addict and a prostitute and decides to let us into her life….

By Open Door Productions

Lisa is an incredibly intelligent and engaging crack-addicted mother from a priviledged background. In this film she allows a family friend and filmmaker Paul Perrier to capture an extraordinary slice of her life in real time.

This raw 1 hour documentary challenges all of our stereotypes and assumptions about addiction and the addicted. Lisa was raised in an upper-class neighborhood in Toronto Canada. She went to the best schools. None of those were enough to protect her from a life of addiction and prostitution…


European Film Market 2012 Independent America: The two-lane search for Mom and Pop , USA, 52min.

As seen on Sundance Channel in the USA and many other outlets worldwide…


European Film Market 2012 Independent America: Rising from the Ruins, USA, 76 and 52min.
An award winning documentary about the rebuilding of New Orleans. Second film in a series about big box stores and local mom and pop businesses, this film take s close look at the economic and social challenges ahead for New Orleans as a cultural and economic epicenter.
by Open Door Productions


European Film Market 2012 Escape to Mauritius Czech Republic, 52 min.

A exploration of Underwater nature in the breathtaking waters off Mauritius. Combining stories from the islands folk stories of ancient lovers, with stunning award winning underwater photography, this documentary is a refreshing change to the highly formatted nature documentary series which have become so popular.

-Official Selection at the International festival Falstaff 2009 (UK)

-Best Czech document in the International Festival Tourfilm 2009

in Karlovy Vary.

– Special Jury Award for extraordinary

Underwater Photography. at Film Art & Tourism Festival 2010 in P?ock (PL)


European Film Market 2012 The Way of St-James Germany, 52 min.

An inspirational journey along the famed Camino de Santiago trail, a gruelling and breathtaking 500 km. walk/hike, to the historic Santiago Cathedral, where the bones of St-James are purported to lay. This site has been a destination for pilgrams for more than 1200 years, long before eco-tourism became a fad. Expertly narrated by a walker of “The Way”, many stops and discoveries of this timeless heritage site await viewers. 2010 is a special year as a result of special religious calendars, resulting in higher traffic, and culminating in a papal visit for the first time, in November 2010.


European Film Market 2012 Iceland, Future of Hope UK/Iceland, 52 min.

In the aftermath of Iceland’s financial demise in recent years, followed by Major volcanic activity, Islanders have been forced to reconsider their priorities. Booming industries having drawn to a halt by financial troubles, while the community has re-invented itself, representing a major shift in economic-environmental politics right down to the very fabric of society. Does their management of this crisis represent the future of how other nations might rebuild once they too are swept into the great financial bubbles looming over several European countries?

Featuring interviews with experts in renewable energy, innovation, organic farming, new
business and sustainability. The film is realized by the stunning backdrop of some of the
world’s most beautiful landscapes; thermal springs, active volcanoes, geysers and glaciers. From
the midnight sun to the winter dark contrasted only by the snow.
The documentary, produced by Heather Millard and directed by Henry Bateman, offers a catalyst
for positive change both in Iceland and internationally.


European Film Market 2012 Cheating God Out of Christianity, USA 2010 52 min.

Have Christians ‘cheated God’ out of Christianity ?

Nineteenth-century Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard wrote that “millions of people through the centuries have little by little cheated God out of Christianity”.

What did he mean? Was Christianity removed from the foundation laid by its founder?

CLICK TO SEE “Cheating God out of Christianity” TRAILER

European Film Market 2012 Message for the Seven Churches, USA 2010

Just what do we really know about the the book called Apocalypse?

Just what do we really know about John’s book of Revelation or Apocalypse, one of the most iconic pieces of modern western culture. From the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, to the battle of Armeggedon, the messages are sometimes hard to fully understand.

CLICK TO SEE “Message to the Seven Churches” TRAILER

European Film Market 2012 Quest For the Real Paul, USA 2010

Did Paul steal Christianity from Jesus to make it a world religion?

Journey through the Mediterranean region to the center of the Roman Empire and discover some of the myths and misconceptions that surround the apostle Paul and his teachings.

CLICK TO SEE “Quest for the Real Paul” TRAILER

European Film Market 2012 Roughcut Iran, 2009, 26 min.
“An insiders perspective on the question of feminine identity in Iran ” A historic and unusual portrait of the image of the feminine body in Iranian society both historically and in the current regime..


European Film Market 2012 EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, USA, 2008, 97 min., (NEW)

Theatrical doc. 5.5M budget, (HD & 35mm avail) , no. 2 top grossing theatrical documentary in USA 2008, $ 8.5M Box Office, held no. 1 spot on (USA) for documentary DVD for over 1 month upon DVD release

  • Has academia finally lost touch with its own methods of scientific inquiry? Follow Ben Stein (Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) as he travels the world from Germany to France, to USA in search of answers about the orgins of the universe. Grilling the likes of Richard Dawkins and others, Stein gets the inside track on how we know what we know, asking and uncomfortable question of scientists: when did science stop being scientific?

CLICK TO SEE “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” TRAILER

European Film Market 2012 Frag, USA, 2008, 88 min. theatrical doc, HD (NEW)

  • Frag is the true story about professional Electronic Sports. Almost everyone in the world has played a video game, but some kids do it for a living. Frag sheds light on the struggles that kids face while trying to break into and maintain success in pro gaming.
  • Official Selection, AFI Dallas, 2008
  • The Gamer market dwarfs the film industry, this title has a build in market for Rental and retail,


European Film Market 2012 Pussycat Preacher, USA, 2008, theatrical & TV length documentary digital betacam, (picked up by Channel Four, UK)

    • L.A. stripper or Sunday preacher? — Meet Heather, one time a stripper and hardcore partygirl , who takes her new found faith in Jesus to the strip clubs, trying to bridge the world between clubs and church pews ….but some church members (not to mention club owners) are less than thrilled — can these two extremes be reconciled?
    • “THE BUZZ IS BUILDING!” Pat Saperstein – VARIETY


European Film Market 2012 Leaving the Fold, Canada, 2008, documentary, 52min, HD

  • From the Hasidic enclaves of Montreal, Brooklyn and Jerusalem come stories of conflict, coercion and struggle. Tinged with pain and unexpected humor, Leaving the Fold documents the process by which our five heroes emerged from a strictly controlled society into a baffling secular world of endless choices: What should I wear? What shall I become? Who will I marry? Once everything was decided for them. Now they must decide for themselves. But the answers don’t always come easily.


European Film Market 2012 Pond Hockey, USA, 2008, theatrical doc, (NEW)

  • Before there were stadiums, multi-million dollar contracts, TV and ESPN, there was POND HOCKEY. This carefully woven feature documentary takes us across Canada, USA and featuries Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Neal Broten and many other hockey legends. “Pond Hockey” also takes us into the the action of World Pond Hockey tournaments where more than 120 teams gather from around the world on a frosty winter’s weekend to batttle it out. The film also takes us among other places, to the birthplace of Hockey in Nova Scotia Canada, where the game began.


European Film Market 2012 Kids with Cameras, USA, 2009, 52 min. (Market Premiere)

“These kids are heroes and Koepenic their Pied Piper”
-Kevin Spacey “Kids with Cameras” takes us on a whirlwind tour into an unlikely hollywood studio, where a group of kids with Autism in Southern California, explode onto the screen with creative self-expression through the magic of the creative process of cinematic expression.

    “Emotional and intimately revealing”
    – Annie Potts


European Film Market 2012 The Sound After The Storm, 88 & 52 min, English


Lilian Boutté, Dr. Michael White, Armand “Sheik” Richardson

and The Next Generation Brass Band

Three years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is part ghost town and part third world country. Well known musicians Lillian Boutté, Dr. Michael White and photographer Armand “Sheik” Richardson use jazz as a philosophy and tool to save themselves and their abandoned, crumbling city. The Sound After the Storm tells a story in which this “music born of slavery” is reborn in response to Katrina’s devastation.


European Film Market 2012 GIFTED 2009
66 min, completed
extreme sports documentary
Featuring some of the world’s champion waterskiers.

Death defying jumps and razor precise slalom skiing against the backdrop of a top notch soundtrack in HD.

Produced and directed by Brad Priekulis, “Gifted” features extreme water skiiing by Freddie Krueger, WillyAsher, Ryan Fitts, Karina Nowlan, Thomas Moore, Billy Suzy, Tom Asher, Damian Sharman, Trent Finlayson, Ian Trapp and many more.


European Film Market 2012 A War in Hollywood, Spain, USA, 2009, 92 & 52 min. HD (Market Premiere) Winner Best Documentary, New York Independent International Film & Video Festival-2009.
Winner Best Documentary, Mollerussa’s “Som Cinema” Film Festival 2009 (Spain)
Official Selection, Montréal’s World’s Films Festival 2009..
Official Selection, Mar del Plata Film Festival (Argentina) 2009
Official Selection Gaudí’s Awards 2010 (Catalan “Oscars”)
Hollywood used the Spanish Civil War as a subject in more than 50 films. The defeat of the Democratic Spain left an “open wound” in the heart of liberal actors, directors and screenwriters who used affection towards democratic Spain as a symbolic feature to define the romantic spirit of their characters.


European Film Market 2012 “Good Boys Go to Heaven, Bad Boys go to Europe”

Tomsk, the “Athens” of Siberia. 2008.

Oleg, 28, is about to move to Europe with his wife Anya. He is getting ready to leave his lifelong friends, family and the city where he has spent his whole life.
Meanwhile, students and young artists are developing themselves in the city: the flirty Tunisian student, the female entrepreneur, the saturday-night-car-game aficionados, the underground musicians…

CLICK TO SEE “Good Boys Go To Heaven, Bad Boys Go To Europe” TRAILER

European Film Market 2012 Mission TV: 13.x 26 min

Discover the inner workings a a group dedicated to working in mission fields, bringing needed help to a wide range of commmunities.

European Film Market 2012 “The Outdoorsman
With Buck McNeely’’

“The Outdoorsman TOP 100”

Be the first in your market to acquire the TOP 100 from 25 years of syndicated Hunting and Fishing shows with Buck McNeely.


European Film Market 2012 What do you get if you mix Donald Trump along explosive ONLINE business opportunities?


In the future, Joseph enters a bookshop searching for an Italian writer. While he searches for the name “Firenze” in the database, he recounts the story of a woman he had met 30 years previously.

Lisbon, 2007: Joseph is a tormented American seminarian, a member of Opus Dei, who has come to Lisbon to help organize an exhibition of the Franciscan Order in Lisbon’s Cathedral. The exhibition brings to Portugal a legendary mirror, “The Mirror of St. Francis of Assisi”, that was said to have allowed St Francis to see the next morning.

On the day of his departure, Joseph, at the train station, literally bumps into Giulia, a beautiful and irreverent Italian writer with whom he establishes an immediate chemistry. Giulia tells Joseph she came to Lisbon to try to find a mysterious Portuguese singer who her father had a relationship with in Lisbon before he left to fight for the Portuguese in their colonial war. In the final letters that this woman had sent to Giulia’s father, her passion and feeling of abandonment seemed to be driving her to insanity. She was obviously unaware that an accident of war left her loving soldier with no memories of his past and unable to respond. Giulia came to Lisbon to bring the tragic news of her father’s death and to return her the letters… but the singer has seemed to disappear.

Joseph, fascinated by her story, suggests that he and Giulia take advantage of the 12 hour of delay of their trains, caused by the Pope’s visit to Portugal, to try to find the lost singer. The two depart on a journey around Lisbon, and discover a mystical city where they experience an adventure of mutual discovery, of attraction, of secrets and revelations… and of intimacy and desire.

Seemingly, the loneliest boy in the world has met the saddest girl and they can only fail to share a future togetherÖ yet, both with a tragic past, the new revelations and the old secrets draw them even closer…

Then Giulia promises Joseph: “If one day you find my book, youíll find me as well.”