In Fall 2021, the world will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the invention of Insulin, and the man who won Canada’s first Nobel Prize for it: Sir Frederick Grant Banting.
But there is an untold story to this famous Canadian scientist turned artist, anthropologist, advocate for the Inuit and philosopher. This is a first person narrative as told by Banting’s detailed journal up until the day before his mysterious death.

Me The People  – Completed Aug 2020 78 and 52 min.

Me The People explores how wedge politics on issues related to immigration have given rise to a new kind of populist leader. They are disruptors with a new electoral playbook. The are loved by some, challenged by others, stretching traditional boundaries of left right politics. But are they also expressing the will of the people?

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Angèle Virtuoso

(78 and 52 min)

This feature documentary tells the unconventional story of virtuoso violinist Angèle Dubeau and her incredible journey from a small Quebec rural town to Julliard and eventually, to the world stage. French version title: “Angèle en quatre temps”

Mental States documentary

Winner Best Social Justice Feature Manhattan Film Festival 2019 (76 and 52 min)

Mental States is a character-driven feature length documentary largely set in New York City following individuals who are brought before the courts for incidents relating to their mental condition.Mental States explores what happens when mental health becomes a justice issue.

Part road movie, part filmed diary, Sweet 16 is a frank human portrayal of what it takes to challenge health issues during critical rites of passage into adulthood. Shot in several countries over 5 years, the film traces a canvas of the issues facing youth globally as relates to type 1 diabetes, and the impact on families.

The Land of Amber, Leiticia Agudo & Paul McGrath / Feature Documentary / Ireland / 2014 / 52 min / Colour / HDCAM -52 min. HD

Have you ever wondered where amber comes from?Mexican amber comes from the “entrails of the earth” in Northern Chiapas and is extracted by hand. It has always been valued by foreign collectors for its transparency, the preservation quality of insects and plants trapped inside and its range of natu

 Boxing With Her 52 min.

This revealing documentary explores the world of female boxing in Tunisia, a society where the body of a woman is considered a sacred place for procreation. Through interviews with women boxers, the film asks why a female body in the pugilistic arena is so confronting, even taboo, in Arab society.

Haiti Untold last month had its USA premiere at Palm Beach Film Festival in April, after its world premiere at Bahamas International Film Festival Dec 2012. Featuring exclusive access to Sean Penn, HAITI UNTOLD chronicles the personal journey of a few famous and not-so-famous individuals who have put their heads and hearts to the task of effecting radical change in Haiti, following the devastating earthquake of 2010.

City Wild, Leiticia Agudo & Paul McGrath / Feature Documentary / Ireland / 2014 / Colour / HDCAM – 84 & 52 min. HD
The Phoenix Park is the largest walled park in Europe: 707 hectares of human, plant and animal life in Dublin city. Its human residents range from the President of Ireland to 40 families.

“Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now”offers a rare look into the complex, exciting and challenging world of being a nurse. It explores what it means to be a nurse, the many different roles that nurses play, from the bedside to the board room, and the realities of nursing – its joys and sorrows and the many ways that nurses impact the lives of others. Over 100 nurses from across the USA were interviewed for this film. Their stories will move you to laughter and to tears. (Worldwide rights, less USA available)

Gobekli Tepe: The World’s First Temple. India, 12,000 years ago there already was a sacred place on Earth.While challenging common beliefs on the history of civilization, the film takes the audience back to 12 thousand years ago, to Göbeklitepe, an archeological site recently found in SanliUrfa, Turkiye. The construction date of the “World’s First Temple” is thousands of years earlier than the most important symbols of ancient wisdom; such as the Stonehenge monument in England, or the Egyptian Pyramids.


Salam Rugby is the story of women’s rugby in Iran. The sport is relatively new to the country, though it was played by British oil workers since the 1920’s. Salam Rugby has been recognized by nearly a dozen documentary festivals around the world. The film offers a striking portrait of what might one day be called a turning point in history, for women’s rights in sport in Iran. Or will it? Salam Rugby offers a striking glimpse of sport, the women and the state of Iran, in a time of uncertainty.

My Joan of Arc. French-Canadian Director Dany Chiasson’s personal journey breathes new life into the myth of Joan of Arc.Driven by the memory of her grandmother, Chiasson travels by horseback across France, retracing the medieval icon’s first 11-day ride over enemy land to meet the uncrowned King.Along the way, the filmmaker meets local people who animate the myth of the saint and help her to find a skylark. While the film explores the space between earth and sky, past and present, Chiasson uncovers the true nature of a search for heroism, faith, and for the sound of an elusive songbird.

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The Way of St-James Germany, 52 min.An inspirational journey along the famed Camino de Santiago trail, a gruelling and breathtaking 500 km. walk/hike, to the historic Santiago Cathedral, where the bones of St-James are purported to lay. This site has been a destination for pilgrams for more than 1200 years, long before eco-tourism became a fad. Expertly narrated by a walker of “The Way”, many stops and discoveries of this timeless heritage site await viewers. 2010 is a special year as a result of special religious calendars, resulting in higher traffic, and culminating in a papal visit for the first time, in November 2010.CLICK TO SEE “THE WAY OF ST-JAMES” TRAILER

Pussycat Preacher, USA, 2008, theatrical & TV length documentary digital betacam, (picked up by Channel Four, UK)

L.A. stripper or Sunday preacher? — Meet Heather, one time a stripper and hardcore partygirl , who takes her new found faith in Jesus to the strip clubs, trying to bridge the world between clubs and church pews ….but some church members (not to mention club owners) are less than thrilled — can these two extremes be reconciled?


Leaving the Fold, Canada, 2008, documentary, 52min, HD

  • From the Hasidic enclaves of Montreal, Brooklyn and Jerusalem come stories of conflict, coercion and struggle. Tinged with pain and unexpected humor, Leaving the Fold documents the process by which our five heroes emerged from a strictly controlled society into a baffling secular world of endless choices: What should I wear? What shall I become? Who will I marry? Once everything was decided for them. Now they must decide for themselves. But the answers don’t always come easily.

Kids with Cameras, USA, 2009, 52 min. (Market Premiere)”These kids are heroes and Koepenic their Pied Piper”
“Kids with Cameras” takes us on a whirlwind tour into an unlikely hollywood studio, where a group of kids with Autism in Southern California, explode onto the screen with creative self-expression through the magic of the creative process of cinematic expression.

    • “Emotional and intimately revealing”
    – Annie Potts

GIFTED 2009 66 min, completed
extreme sports documentary
Featuring some of the world’s champion water skiers. Death defying jumps and razor precise slalom skiing against the backdrop of a top notch soundtrack in HD.Produced and directed by Brad Priekulis, “Gifted” features extreme water skiiing by Freddie Krueger, WillyAsher, Ryan Fitts, Karina Nowlan, Thomas Moore, Billy Suzy, Tom Asher, Damian Sharman, Trent Finlayson, Ian Trapp and many more.