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Mental States documentary

(90 and 52 min)

Mental States is a character-driven feature length documentary largely set in New York City following individuals who are brought before the courts for incidents relating to their mental condition.

Mental States explores what happens when mental health becomes a justice issue

Mental States documentary on Mental illness and justice in America

The Making of A Virtuoso: Angèle Dubeau

(90 and 52 min)

This feature documentary tells the unconventional story of virtuoso violinist Angèle Dubeau and her incredible journey from a small Quebec rural town to Julliard and eventually, to the world stage.

Angele Dubeau the Making of A Virtuoso



An exploration of alternative justice and healing for Indigenous Peoplesin the Canadian Penal System.

Haiti Untold documentary with Sean Penn


From Bitcoin to Blockchain, Banking to Business. Crypto currency is revolutionizing the way money and value are exchanged across vast networks not only financial, but scientific, even  soon entertainment distribution. Crypto currencies are here to stay, this film will make it all clear to the non-scientific audience.


Haiti Untold documentary with Sean Penn

Oh Canada

A 52 min documentary exploring the lives of Syrian refugee families who move to rural Canadian villages. At a time when Canada likes to bill itself as open to immigration, just how do small town mentalities deal with an influx of foreign cultures? And how do the arriving families manage with minus twenty degree winters and little to no familiar language and cultural reference points?


Haiti Untold documentary with Sean Penn


HAITI UNTOLD featuring Sean Penn

Haiti Untold offers an unabashed yet hopeful portrait of what the future holds for Haiti and the work done by JP/HRO co-founded by actor Sean Penn. The film offers a striking counterpoint to most of what the media reports about the country. The film has aired on Direct TV is the USA, BSkyB in the UK, YESTV in Canada.

Haiti Untold documentary with Sean Penn

SWEET 16 : A journey into teen diabetes

Filmed over 5 years in Canada, USA and Ecuador, the film chronicles the highs and lows of teens dealing with a devastating Type 1 diagnosis at such an important crossroad in their life. Some stories are tragic, others are hopeful. Our main protagonist, Katia, brings us deep into the inner-world of teens, which is all about fitting in, body image, and ultimately issues of belonging.


Haiti Untold documentary with Sean Penn


Just what does Québec want? Most English Canadians do wonder… This POV documentary revisits the Quiet Revolution from an anglo-francophile Quebecer perspective. Featuring editorialist cartoonists Aislin (The Gazette), Serge Chapleau (La Presse) and political commentators Marc Laurendeau, Beryl Wajsman.

My Quiet Revolution

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